5 of the Most Extreme Sports in the World

5 of the Most Extreme Sports in the World

There are some extreme sports that are incredibly dangerous. For example, base jumping has a higher mortality rate than parachuting. Another extreme sport is wing walking, which involves standing on the top of a fast-moving small plane. It can reach speeds of 300 km/200 mph.

Freestyle scootering

Freestyle scootering is a sport that involves performing daredevil stunts on a kick scooter. It gained popularity in the 1970s and early 80s and was later replaced by skateboards and push bikes. Although similar in design to a bicycle and skateboard, kick scooters are more flexible on the streets. Scooters are used in a wide range of settings, including parking lots, driveways, and urban obstacles.

The pogo is one of the hardest tricks to master but is easily performed by skilled scooter riders. Another popular trick is the hippy jump, which requires the player to jump off the deck while leaving the wheels on the ground. A player can perform several variations of the hippy jump, including varying stances and tricks such as the bar spin.

Ice diving

Ice diving is a form of penetration diving and requires special equipment to be done safely. It is used for scientific research, recreation, and extreme sports. It is a dangerous sport that requires a lot of planning and coordination. A team of at least four divers is necessary for ice diving. The other divers assist the diver who is currently submerged, and are clipped to a safety line that serves as a lifeline and a method of communication.

When ice diving, traditional scuba diving gear doesn’t work, so you must wear a drysuit and use a regulator rated for freezing temperatures. You can only dive for about 30 minutes before you must be resurfaced due to hypothermia. Also, any other diving equipment that you use must be rated for ice diving, as it can freeze with catastrophic consequences.

Volcano boarding

Volcano boarding is one of the world’s fastest-growing extreme sports. Participants ride up an active volcano, slide down its side, and experience the thrill of danger. They wear protective safety suits and can slide either sitting or standing. Volcano boarding is a fun and challenging adventure, and is available in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and other countries.

Before attempting to board a volcano, participants must first hike 45 minutes up the back of the volcano. During the trek, visitors can get close to the hot crater. After the training, participants then board down the volcano’s sandy side, about 1,640 feet. Special boards allow the participants to stand on the board while descending.


Abseiling is an extreme sport in which a person must descend from a high place, usually a mountain. This sport originated in the Alps in the late 18th century and has since become a popular recreational activity. It is an extreme sport that requires a great deal of physical fitness and skill.

If you are thinking about trying this sport, make sure you wear all of the proper protective gear. Although the sport is fun, it can also be quite dangerous. To make sure you are safe, you should wear the appropriate safety equipment before taking on an abseiling challenge.

Train surfing

There are many dangers involved in train surfing. It is illegal in most countries and has led to many fatalities. Moreover, modern freight trains can build up speed at an incredible rate. In fact, a slow-moving train can reach high speeds in a matter of a few city blocks. Furthermore, train surfers can get stuck on the moving train, which may result in serious injuries.

Though it is illegal, many people take the risk to ride on trains. It is a common sight in countries like Bangladesh and South Africa where overcrowding is an issue. However, it is not limited to these countries and is possible anywhere there are trains.