A Community Of DIY Skate Projects | GREETINGS FROM: GLASGOW

A bluesy and soulful place with a historically resourceful and independently-minded skate scene (one great early example of which was the success of Clan Skates’ locally-sourced Poizone clothing label of thirty years ago), Glasgow’s skate scene has a feel and energy all of its own.

Jamie Foy, Margie Didal and Jake Wooten meet the locals behind the many DIY skate projects which have filled a physical and cultural gap left by an ambivalent local council, and discover how a skate scene survives partially undercover in a country where rain is alas no stranger.

Among the total dons our crew linked up with in Glasgow is Danny Aubrey, who runs an ingenious workshop call re:ply Skateboards which is focused on sustainability within skateboard manufacture by ending waste, via re-shaping and up-cycling worn boards.

He has personally rescued thousands of skateboards, raised good money for skateboarding non-profit organisations and given a platform to more than 50 artists- all from a business started in a garage back in 2010. That is a Glasgow story.

A hundred such salvaged boards were donated to the local scene as part of this project.

Hear Danny’s and a host of other Greetings From Glasgow tales as we roll out with the skate scene of ‘No Mean City’!

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