Bill Richards, Tony Alva, Stacey Richards, and Vision Skateboards

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The sport of skateboarding was born out of the idea that surfing enthusiasts could use wheels to get around. Bill Richards, who owned a surf shop, first saw the phenomenon when he saw surfers cruising around on their boards with wheels attached. Richards immediately saw the potential of this sport.

Stacey Richards

Stacey Richards has a long and rich history of skating. She started at age three and quickly became a top skateboarder. She won several national and world titles. She is a registered Learn to Skate USA instructor. Stacey also coaches in synchronized skating. She competed in teams throughout her youth. She later returned to coaching in 2014. She currently coaches for the St. Louis Synergy and also works with Theatre On Ice.

Tony Alva

If you’re a skateboarder, you’ve probably heard of Tony Alva. He is one of the best known skateboarders of all time. His style was first developed during a California drought, when skateboarders needed to save water. Eventually, Alva developed a unique style of skateboarding – cross-foot surfing.

The movie Lords of Dogtown follows Tony Alva, Jay Adams, and Stacy Peralta in their early days of skateboarding. The film also features Skip Engblom, a board designer who runs a skate shop called Zephyr. The film also features teenage Sid, who is working at the skate shop.

Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen is one of the founding fathers of modern skateboarding, and he is responsible for many of the most popular tricks performed today. The legendary skater invented more than thirty tricks, including the heelflip, kickflip, and 360 flip. He also helped develop a style of skating that allowed him to perform complex tricks on urban obstacles.

The smith grind is a common trick in skateboarding, involving riding over a back truck and touching the outer middle of the board to a grinding surface. Another popular trick is called the feeble grind, and it is performed by sticking to the inner edge of the board. Other tricks include tailslides, boardslides, and noseslides. Another trick that is incredibly difficult to master is the Darkslide, which involves skating across the griptape side of a board.

Larry Stevenson

Larry Stevenson is a pioneer in the world of skateboarding. Stevenson was born in Los Angeles in 1930 and served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. He later attended Santa Monica College where he played water polo and swam. He was also a top swimmer and won the breast stroke all-American award. He went on to receive a scholarship to study at the University of Southern California where he majored in business.

The original skateboard design was created by Bill Richard, but Larry’s creation was far more advanced. In the early 1960s, the first skateboards were crude wooden boards with roller skate wheels attached. During this time, Larry Stevenson developed the kicktail design, which made them much easier to handle and allowed skaters to perform tricks. This design was revolutionary and made skateboarding more accessible to the masses.

Vision Skateboards

Vision Skateboards are made in the United States by Select Distribution. The company also owns a woodshop called LumberYard USA, which gives them the flexibility to experiment with different shapes and sizes. These skateboards have been featured in music videos and on albums by artists like INXS and EMF.

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Vision skateboards were one of the most iconic brands of the 1980s. Its founder Mark Gonzales was a pioneer in street skating. Today, the company is owned by Select Distribution, which also owns brands like Elephant, Palisades, Magic, and Sims. They are well known for manufacturing top-quality products that are built to last. Their line includes skateboards of all shapes and sizes, including pro models. The company also makes recreations of classic decks, including those of Psycho Stick and Gonz.