Felipe Gustavo & L7nnon – Rio de Janeiro Street Clips

Fun sesh in the streets of Rio yesterday with Felipe Gustavo & the biggest rapper in Brazil L7nnon!

#skateboarding #brasil

Extreme Sports Skateboarding and BMX

Extreme Sports Skateboarding BMX|Extreme Sports Skateboarding BMX

Extreme Sports Skateboarding and BMX

If you love thrills and adrenaline, you’ll love Extreme Sports Skateboarding and BMX. But while extreme sports are fun, they can also be dangerous. The adrenaline rush can lead to injuries and even lethal outcomes. To avoid injuries, be sure to follow safety guidelines when participating in extreme sports.

In a video game, you can choose to compete in skateboarding, BMX, or motocross. Each extreme sport is different, but both offer a wide range of challenges. The best part is, both can be played simultaneously. You can even play the same extreme sports in different modes.

In a skateboarding game, you have the option of trying tricks in the Extreme mode, which adds new, special Total tricks to your trick set. These tricks are often high-risk, but when executed correctly, they reward you with lots of points. As you stop performing tricks, the Extreme meter decreases.

BMX has an impressive track record in the X-Games, with the X-Games featuring the sport since 1995. BMX is performed in a variety of terrain, including parkland, dirt, downhill, and big air. It requires athletes to be fit and fast, and they practice countless hours to perfect their skills.

Streeting is another sport with a high level of competitiveness. It first arose in Southern California during the 1970s. Since then, organizers have taken the sport seriously, regulating trails and inventory requirements. It has even become a part of the Summer X-Games program. However, not all riders adhere to these official guidelines.