Highlining – A New Series Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes


Highlining is a sport where participants walk on a line. World-class highliner Spencer Seabrooke has broken multiple world records, including the world record for free solo slacklining. Highlining requires an extraordinary amount of strength, athleticism, balance, stamina, and mental fortitude. But only a few people will ever experience the thrill and challenge of highlining. Fortunately, a new documentary series is taking viewers behind the scenes of the sport and exploring the motivations of these fearless athletes.

Darrin Highlining

For years, people have dreamed of highlining, but only a few have actually done it. Darrin was the first person to successfully walk on a highline and he has made several trips to fins to improve his technique. His mastery of the sport is the product of years of hard work and dedication. He developed a warrior attitude to overcome his fears and overcome the challenge of highlining. He is the only person to have walked the Lost Arrow Spire.

In 1985, Chris Carpenter and Scott Balcom, two teenagers, made history as they completed the first documented high walk on nylon webbing. They set up the first highline, called The Arches, in Pasadena, California, under the SR 134 freeway bridge. They also set up the Lost Arrow Spire, a highline about thirty feet long and thirty-five meters high.

Scott Balcom

Scott Balcom was 20 years old when he first tried highlining. He and Chris Carpenter set up a highline in Pasadena, California, where they were able to walk over a 55-foot cable about 3,000 feet off the ground. In 1985, they were able to complete the same feat at the Lost Arrow Spire, which was 2890 feet above the valley floor. The ropes were made of lightweight webbing threaded through two pieces of 9/16-inch wire.

Until this feat, there were only about a dozen people in the world who had successfully highlined the span. This included Scott Balcom, who crossed the Lost Arrow Spire highline in 1985. Before that, two European highliners had failed to make the trip. However, in July 2007, Libby Sauter was the first woman to cross the span twice, and she’s now the world’s most famous highliner.

Scott Mosbaugh

Highlining is an activity in which people walk along a long cable, almost two thousand feet above the ground. It is relatively safe, as long as you wear a leash or an ankle strap. But the risk is real, so be careful. In one highline in Niteroi, Brazil, a group of people jumped from the roof of an apartment complex to walk across it, and they were all safely landed in the courtyard.

Mosbaugh helped develop the sport of highlining at Smith Rock, where he led a highlining festival that drew 60 participants. Despite the dangers of highlining, Mosbaugh has walked highlines without tethers and says the activity becomes natural after a while.

Yosemite National Park

If you’ve ever dreamed of gliding above the trees and soaring into the sky, highlining in Yosemite National Park might be your ticket. However, there are some precautions that you should take before highlining in Yosemite National park. First, you should be sure to follow the park’s rules.

To be allowed to highline in Yosemite National Park, you must be a certified highliner. Currently, climbing routes around the Rostrum formation are prohibited, but the Super Nova and Jungle Gym are still open. However, highlining is banned at the summit of the rock formation and on the adjacent cliff. Despite this, the highlining community has been working with the National Park Service to keep highlining allowed in Yosemite National Park. Recently, they met with local slackliners and discussed the issues.

Highlining is a popular sport in Yosemite National Park. This extreme sport has become more popular in the past decade. Highlining is basically a high-altitude slackline, where webbing is strung between two points. A highline in Yosemite can reach up to 954 feet. In a recent highline, the Monterrubio brothers achieved the longest highline in Yosemite by walking it for four days, using anchors set between two boulders.

Moab’s Fruit Bowl

Highlining is an extreme sport with extreme exposure. The ropes are suspended at a hundred-foot height and participants use a harness called a whip to tether themselves to the webbing. The highline’s anchors are made of steel bolts. The event is held every year at the Fruit Bowl outside Moab, Utah. In the past, the event has attracted mountain bikers and BASE jumpers to push their bodies to the limit.

While most people are familiar with highlines, they may not be familiar with slacklining. The sport is new to Moab, but it is gaining in popularity. Many people who have tried slacklining at other venues around the world have reported having an amazing time. The Fruit Bowl is an excellent example of a growing number of outdoor sports in the town. The sport combines the thrill of climbing with the gravity of towering geological formations.

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