Leticia Bufoni Feeble Grind at 9,000 feet 🪂

In the endless search for skateboarding thrills, @Leticia Bufoni (Official) has spent an intensive few months of training in order to combine her love of skating with her second love: skydiving!

Sky Grind involves 9,000 feet of altitude, an aircraft from the Fast And Furious movie franchise, a skydiving expert from the Mission Impossible movie franchise, skate obstacles, parachutes, and potentially the most hair-raising skateboard trick ever recorded!

Watch Leticia’s fearless, record-breaking grind high above the earth right now!

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Extreme Sports Skateboarding BMX

Extreme Sports Skateboarding BMX|Extreme Sports Skateboarding BMX

Extreme Sports Skateboarding BMX

In Extreme Sports Skateboarding BMX, the player can choose from four different courses. Each track is equipped with a starting gate that resembles the one used in the X-Games. Once the player has completed a sequence of tricks, they will be awarded with a certain number of points.

The X-Games are a world-wide event that highlights extreme sports like skateboarding and BMX. Both are fast-paced and involve high levels of adrenaline. BMX is the most extreme sport and has a starring role at the X-Games.

Skateboarding and BMX have captured the imaginations of many young athletes and spectators. In addition, the sport has caught the attention of the International Olympic Committee. This has prompted many communities to build bigger and safer facilities for their athletes. They have also started welcoming new athletes to the sport.

The sport of skateboarding has become an extreme activity with skateboarders performing stunts on the board while hovering 15 to 20 feet in the air. These tricks are not always safe, and the skater must perform them with style and flair. They must be able to rotate their board using their hands, catch it with their feet, and land safely. Often times, these tricks involve small gaps.

As with all extreme sports, skateboarding and BMX should be taken seriously. A professional trainer or coach should supervise the athletes.