Mounted Orienteering

competitive mounted orienteering

Competitive mounted orienteering is a sport that requires a horse and rider to work together. Horses must have calm, quiet behavior and be willing to stand still. Most horses do not mind the saddle or the long distance. Horses that are trained for endurance rides are usually suitable for orienteering.


Competitive mounted orienteering is a sport that involves riding a horse and orienteering. It is a sport that requires skill and endurance and can be a lot of fun.

Orienteering compass

Competitive mounted orienteering (CMO) is an outdoor sport where riders must find a series of markers in a given amount of time. A compass is an essential tool in this sport because it is used to take bearings, which can help riders navigate through unfamiliar terrain. Competitors must double-check their bearings to avoid making any mistakes.

Orienteering tack

Competitive Mounted Orienteering (CMO) is a type of equestrian event where participants are required to find and complete a course on horseback. The courses are designed to test riders’ map reading and compass skills. They must also work together as a team to locate hidden Objective Stations and complete the course on time.

Orienteering competitions

Mounted orienteering competition has three main types: sprint, relay and string events. Sprint events involve individuals or teams of two competing in timed events. Relay events involve a mass start. The team that completes the course in the shortest amount of time wins. String events are particularly popular with newcomers to the sport.

Orienteering competitions on horseback

Orienteering competitions on horse back are a great way to get the family out for the day. You don’t have to have a special breed of horse for this sport, as any breed can compete in a competitive event. The horses must be healthy and able to deal with streams and obstacles. The rider must also be able to mount and dismount the horse on his or her own. Orienteering on horseback is a lot of fun for both horse and rider.

Orienteering competitions in Europe

Orienteering competitions in Europe have become a regular part of the sport’s calendar. The first European Championships were held in 1962 and have been held biennially since 2000. Starting in 2020, they will be held annually. The competitions are divided into sprint events and forest events.

Orienteering competitions in the United States

Orienteering is an adventure sport that uses maps to guide competitors. Each course contains a start and finish, and a series of control sites. Each control is marked with a circle or a double circle, and is connected by lines. In order to complete a course, competitors must find all of the control sites. They must also punch a control flag to register their location.