Ryan Decenzo Rail Session

Spend a day with Ryan Decenzo in Canada skating & getting to know. him in an all new episode of Field Day 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nad-rj8bKbI

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Extreme Sports – Skateboarding, BMX, and the X-Games

Extreme Sports Skateboarding BMX|Extreme Sports Skateboarding BMX

Extreme Sports – Skateboarding, BMX, and the X-Games

Skateboarding has grown to become a popular extreme sport for people of all ages. Once regarded as a dangerous and illegal sport, it has transformed into a fun and safe way for people of all ages to enjoy a good time. A skateboarder must have a strong sense of balance and the strength to perform tricks that require them to launch themselves into the air and land safely. In order to succeed at this sport, skateboarders must train hard and adopt a competitive edge.

Street san is another form of extreme sports that originated in Southern California. The sport involves lying on a board and moving down steep slopes. This sport has also spread to Europe. While it is not as dangerous as other extreme sports, it does carry risk of fractures and injuries, especially when played at high speeds.

In extreme sports, there are many athletes that have achieved fame. American athletes include Travis Pastrana and Danny Makaskill. They won gold in the 2007 X-Games, and both have won a gold medal. The sport also involves extreme sports such as skateboarding and BMX.

Skateboarding has become a popular extreme sport, but BMX has also been a star in the X-Games. The sport has become a part of the X-Games, one of the largest sporting events in the world.