X Games Skateboarding 2022

x games skateboarding 2022

The X Games skateboarding competition took place in Southern California, and included competitions such as the Women’s Skateboard Street, Real Street Best Trick, and Men’s Skateboard Park. The events were held at the California Training Facility. The competition was held over four days. Each day, the top athletes from around the world were showcased in their respective events.

Sakura Yosozumi

Sky Brown and Sakura Yosozumi are the two women who have won gold medals at X Games skateboarding events this year. The two are dual citizens of England and Japan. Sakura Yosozumi is the first Japanese woman to win an X Games gold medal. Hiraki Kokona took home the silver medal. Sky Brown, however, took home the bronze after a horrific fall during the event in Tokyo.

Yosozumi, who won the gold medal in the 2018 Olympic Games, has been aiming for another medal in the future. This time in Tokyo, the Japanese woman used the “No Hand 540” to score the gold medal. Her second run featured various techniques on the course edge and she also topped the podium. Japanese rival Yosozumi fell on her final run, but the British woman is still celebrating.

Sakura Yosozumi is also aiming for the X Games in 2022, where she will compete with other top stars in the sport. The X Games in Japan are considered the world’s top competitions in action sports. In addition to the Tokyo Olympics, Yosozumi won the women’s division at the “X Games Chiba.” She is also the first Japanese skateboarder to win the gold at the Summer X Games.

The Summer X Games are set to run from July 20 to 24. This event will feature the biggest stars in skateboarding, BMX, and Moto X. The entire competition will be streamed live on ESPN+. Some coverage will also air on ABC and ESPN, but ESPN+ will offer the most comprehensive coverage of the X Games.

Yosozumi’s first appearance at the X Games was in 2016. She won the bronze medal in her rookie year. After her victory, the IOC added skateboarding to the Tokyo Olympics. This helped increase skateboarding’s popularity in Japan. Earlier this year, she was the first female skateboarder to win the gold medal in the Women’s Skateboard Street event.

Yuto Horigome

Yuto Horigome is one of the most decorated skateboarders in history. In his eight appearances at the X Games, he’s won three medals and a gold. Known as a core street skater, Horigome has won the X Games in Tokyo, Chiba, and Koto. He’s also won five career Street League titles. Horigome is known for his clean style and technicality. His primary rival is Nyjah Huston.

Horigome began skateboarding at the age of six, influenced by his skateboarding father. At the age of 13, he won his first competition at a local skate park and quickly became an international superstar. In recent years, he’s won the Street League Tour, and is now a leading candidate for a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Huston won every summer X Games gold medal from 2011 through 2015, but narrowly missed the top spot the next two years. Despite the lack of a gold medal in Tokyo, Horigome is already gearing up for Paris in 2024. He won his first Olympic qualifier in Rome on July 3 and placed eighth at the World Street Skateboarding event. In the SLS season opener, Horigome landed a switch 360 kickflip and a nollie backside 180 switch front side smith.

In the Men’s skate street final, there were only two runs allowed for each rider. The 15-year-old Monster Energy rider from Tokyo skated with technical control and confidence, putting down tricks that normally would only be reserved for high-end video parts.