Golds Gym and RSG Group Founder Dies in Plane Crash

Golds Gym founder death

Rainer Schaller was the founder and CEO of RSG Group, a global company that owns 21 fitness, lifestyle, and fashion brands. His death is being mourned by the fitness industry and his family. It operates in 48 countries and employs approximately 41,000 people directly. Schaller recently rescued Gold’s Gym from bankruptcy, and was trying to revive the brand.

Schaller was owner of Gold’s Gym

A German businessman, Rainer Schaller, the owner of Golds Gym, died along with his family in a light aircraft crash. The crash occurred just 17 miles off the coast of Limon, Costa Rica. The plane was carrying six people, including Schaller. Schaller’s partner and children were also aboard. The flight had lost contact with a control tower and crashed in the ocean. The bodies of Schaller and the other people who died have not yet been identified.

In a plane crash in Costa Rica, German businessman Rainer Schaller and his family are missing. He was one of six people on board. They were flying from Mexico to Limon, Costa Rica, when their plane crashed midway. The plane was piloted by a Swiss national.

Schaller was a bodybuilder

The bodybuilding and fitness mogul Rainer Schaller has died in a plane crash. The crash occurred in Costa Rica, where Schaller is presumed dead. The search for survivors is ongoing. Schaller is the founder of the RSG Group, which operates gym chains around the world. In the wake of the Pandemic, Schaller acquired Golds Gym, which had filed for bankruptcy.

In his death, Schaller’s family mourned his loss. Schaller founded the RSG Group and ran a number of fitness franchises around the world. The group bought Golds Gym after it filed for bankruptcy due to the pandemic. The gym chain is a popular destination in the United States and has collaborated with many celebrities.

Schaller founded Gold’s Gym

Rainer Schaller is a fitness industry pioneer who founded McFIT and has recently purchased the iconic franchised chain Gold’s Gym. He also has interests in McFit, John Reed and High5. His company, RSG Group, operates fitness centers in 48 countries and employs more than 41,000 people directly.

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