New Features in Riders Republic BMX

Riders Republic BMX

The new season of Riders Republic BMX is almost here and it’s packed with new features and disciplines. It also has a new zone: Area 51. You can expect to see riders from all over the world competing in this new zone. Here are some of the new features to look out for.

Freestylin’ Season 4

Freestylin’ Season 4 has some new additions, including a new BMX mode. While not seamless, this mode offers a fresh take on the classic sport. You can now complete challenges and master specific tricks and combos.

This new addition brings new BMX events and new gear and customization options. This BMX mode will also feature a partnership with Vans and a Red Bull Uncontained event. In addition, five new funkies will be introduced in the game. The game will launch on Xbox One on September 21.


Riders Republic BMX Canyonland is an open-world BMX game that is modeled after the national parks of the United States. The game includes a variety of different activities that will test your skills on different terrain. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’re sure to find something to do. There are several different zones in the game to compete in, including the desert, canyons, and snow fields.

This season of Riders Republic features new content and visual improvements. There are new in-game items and toys for players to collect. There is even an environmental event that will encourage players to plant trees in the game.

Yosemite Valley

Riders Republic BMX Yosebite Valley is an action-packed BMX game that is both challenging and rewarding. The game features a number of collectibles. There are 11 relics to collect, each of which unlocks a different vehicle in the game. You’ll find the locations of these relics on the game map.

The game is set in a vast, open environment with seven distinct regions each heavily inspired by a US national park. Each region features its own biomes and geology. There’s also a career mode that allows players to explore the world at their own pace.


Sponsors are key to the success of Riders Republic BMX. These companies reward players with gear and cosmetic rewards. Sponsors also provide players with exclusive events and unique gameplay mechanics. Riders can expect to see new events and more in the coming weeks. In addition, the new season will feature some new sponsors, including Cult and Odyssey.

Riders Republic is an action sports video game that focuses on freestyle riding. It features an open world, a career mode and a dedicated BMX area called Area 52. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The BMX career add-on is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

BMX gear

The best way to level up in Riders Republic is to acquire elite bikes. This gear is available to unlock through sponsorship contracts with brands like Santa Cruz. Obtaining an Elite Bike is the fastest way to reach the highest levels. Moreover, Elite gear will increase your leveling speed. Hence, it is important to maximize efficiency and choose the best equipment for your riding style.

Riders Republic offers the BMX sport. You’ll find all kinds of BMX gear in the in-game shop, and you’ll have access to unlimited amounts of basic gear as you progress in your career. There are also weekly challenges that will help you earn more BMX gear..