Rum River Bmx in Isanti, Minnesota, Hosts BMX Championships and a State Championship

rum river bmx

If you’re looking for BMX events in Minnesota, check out the local races at Rum River BMX in Isanti, Minnesota. They hold BMX championships and a state championship every year. You’ll be able to cheer on your favorite racer and even win some prizes, too.

The biggest BMX event of the year took place at Rum River Bmx in Isanti, Minnesota, on Aug. 22. It featured the Warnicke Scholarship Race, a State Double Point Pre-Race, and the State Championship Finals. The local track typically attracts about 200 riders from a 40-mile radius. At state events, the track can host up to 500 riders. The track also features pedal-less strider bikes where young riders propel themselves with their feet.

BMX championships at rum river bmx

The BMX championships at Rum River BMX in Isanti, Minnesota are a must-see event. With riders ranging from pre-teens to middle-aged women, this BMX park is sure to provide a fun, challenging experience for anyone who steps onto the track. Jemma Gibson, a resident of Woodbury, Minnesota, has been riding balance bikes since she was a toddler and has won every race she’s entered. Last month, she won the women’s cruiser class at the Gold Cup regional championships and the state championships.

The state championships are held each year in Minnesota, and top competitors are awarded state championship plates. This year, the finals were held Aug. 24 in St. Cloud, and hundreds of riders competed for the title of Minnesota State Champion. In 2008, 15 state champions raced at Rum River BMX in Isanti, and another 54 ranked in the top ten in their age classes.