Go Skateboarding Day 2022

woman riding skateboard at the road

In 2022, International Go Skateboarding Day will be held on June 21st. This is the perfect time for skaters and those who love the sport to come together and celebrate their culture. There are plenty of ways to celebrate this day, from Street takeovers to contests and merchandise.

Street takeovers

Street takeovers are a part of Go Skateboarding Day and every skater should participate in at least one. Not only are they fun, they are also a safe way to make skateboarding more visible. These events began as a small skate session in some neighborhoods in the US, and they have since spread throughout the world.

The early street takeovers played an integral role in the evolution of the Go Skateboarding Day movement. They brought together the skate community in major cities and made a statement against societal norms. These events typically include group skates, where hundreds or thousands of skateboarders crowd the street and perform tricks. This spectacle draws a large crowd, and drivers must yield to the school of skaters.


National Skateboarding Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the sport of skateboarding. The purpose is to promote the benefits of skateboarding and prevent its misuse among young people. In 1995, skateboarding made its debut as part of the ESPN Extreme Games. By 2000, the U.S. military even tested the use of skateboards as transportation. Several video games have been made in honor of this sport. One of the most popular games was Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and it was named the best skateboarding video game of the era.

Contests are a great way to promote the sport and give people a chance to win some awesome free products. A product toss is an important part of the Go Skateboarding Day festivities, and companies and pro skaters often toss their products into the crowd. Participants can win t-shirts, shoes, stickers, and even wheels.


If you’re a skateboarder and you love free products, you’ll love Go Skateboarding Day merchandise. From stickers to wheels, to shirts and shoes, there’s a variety of options available for the young and old alike. The merchandise varies depending on the style you’re looking for – you can pick a v-neck, crew neckline, slim fit, or midweight shirt, or even a moisture-wicking active tee.

Go Skateboarding Day started as a way to encourage people to skate in major cities across the world. It was a great way to promote the sport and to encourage people to get outside. Now, skaters can skate anywhere without worry of trespassing or liability issues. All they have to do is say, “Happy Go Skateboarding Day” and go!


Go Skateboarding Day is an annual event that is held on June 21st. It is a day where individuals from all over the world celebrate the sport of skateboarding. It is a subculture that transcends age, culture, and gender and is a great way to get your body moving and expressing yourself. The sport has evolved from its humble beginnings as a sport in California in the 1950s to a highly developed sport today, with more advanced tricks and techniques developed over the years.

In 2004, the International Association of Skateboard Companies founded Go Skateboarding Day. This day brings skateboarders from all over the world together at skate parks to share tricks and lessons. The aim of the event is to inspire skateboarding as a way to bring people together and keep them motivated. The first Go Skateboarding Day was held in Southern California, where participants participated in jams, demos, and barbecues.


Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) is celebrated annually on June 21st. Skateboarding is an increasingly popular form of transportation, especially in urban environments. It is a rebellious activity that crosses cultural boundaries and stretches the limits of gravity. Since its inception in the 1950s, the sport has evolved significantly. Initially, skateboards were modified surfboards and were first seen in California. Over time, these modifications have allowed skaters to create more complex tricks and techniques.

The history of Go Skateboarding Day can be traced to the first street takeovers. These gatherings brought skateboarding to the public eye, uniting local skate communities. It was a way to protest against social conventions and make a statement. In some cities, hundreds or thousands of skaters would assemble on a main street, forcing cars to yield to the school of skaters.