Jason Lee Skateboarding and Other High-Profile Skateboarders

jason lee skateboarding

Jason Lee is an American skateboarder and film producer. He is known for his work on music videos for artists such as Beck and Midlake. He has also produced skateboarding videos and short films for his company, Stereo Skateboards. He also created the FilmPhotographic Instagram page in 2015. Lee is a co-owner of Stereo Skateboards with Chris Pastras. Lee is from Huntington Beach, California and attended Ocean View High School.

Ethan Suplee plays jason lee skateboarding

After making his film debut in the Kevin Smith flick Mallrats, Ethan Suplee has been busy juggling several projects. He has appeared in Chasing Amy, My Name is Earl and Clerks II. Most recently, he starred in Hulu’s Chance.

While he may be best known for his role as Frankie Stechino in Boy Meets World, Suplee has also had a thriving character acting career. Once considered surplus sized, Suplee transformed into a ripped, chiseled figure.

Kyrie Irving skateboarding

We’ve all heard of NBA superstar Kyrie Irving, but did you know that he also likes to skateboard? He has talked about it in interviews and has posted videos on YouTube about it. In addition, another high-profile athlete who skateboards is rapper Tyler The Creator, who has mentioned it in his music and posted videos about it.

Irving is also an actor and has appeared in several movies. He appeared in Video Days, which was produced by Blind Skateboards. He was also featured in the film Way Out East!, which was produced by Stereo Skateboards. He was also featured in a video released by Keep A Breast Foundation, which promoted their ‘I Love Boobies’ bracelet.

James Hetfield skateboarding

Despite being a rock star, James Hetfield, the frontman of Metallica, is also a passionate skateboarder. The guitarist and singer of the band grew up in California during the 1980s and was attracted to the sport when he was a child. Like many other skateboarders, he was influenced by the urban culture of the west coast. Even Metallica’s guitarist Kirk Hammett found skateboarding to be appealing.

In addition to skateboarding, James Hetfield has other hobbies like sketching and hunting. He has even put up his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro for sale on eBay to benefit the Music for Schools program. Hetfield also owns a 1936 Auburn boat tail speedster called Slowburn, which has won the Goodguys West Coast Custom of the Year award.

Jonah Hill skateboarding

After his recent success as an actor, Jonah Hill has made the jump to the world of skateboarding. The actor is best known for his iconic roles in comedies and dramatic films. He has also teamed up with some of the best skaters of the past few years. He has also directed several skate videos and has collaborated with a skate brand.

One of Hill’s favorite scenes is skateboarding with Jason Lee. Lee skated professionally for several years before getting into movies. He was sponsored by the Blind company and was one of the most famous tre flippers of his time. He is known for his famous video “Video Days” and formed the Stereo Sound Agency with legendary skateboarder Chris Pastras. Jason Lee’s 1991 Blind skateboard is currently estimated to be worth $6000.

Video Days from Syyyyyd on Vimeo.