Pro Skateboarder’s Clever Solution To The $89 Luggage Fee On Spirit Airlines

Pro Skateboarders Clever Solution To Spirit Airlines 89 Luggage Fee

In an effort to avoid paying the $89 hand luggage fee on Spirit Airlines, pro skateboarder Shaun Hover devised a clever solution. His solution was so successful that the video of it has over 15 million views. The flight attendant gave him some candy for his troubles.

Shaun Hover’s workaround to avoid paying $89 for hand luggage on Spirit Airlines

A pro skateboarder called Shaun Hover came up with an innovative workaround to avoid paying the $89 hand luggage fee on Spirit Airlines. After the airline told him that his skateboard was too long to carry as hand luggage, Shaun decided to get creative. He posted a video on his social media account and told his followers that he had three options.

When flying on Spirit Airlines, be sure to check the size of your hand luggage before you check in. They have strict rules about what you can and cannot carry on. In Shaun Hover’s case, his skateboard was too large to fit in the box provided, so he placed it in a sizer and rolled it onto the plane. Afterwards, he had to replace the skateboard deck, which costs about $50. However, the flight attendants apologised and offered him snacks free of charge.

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Shaun Hover’s video of his experience is now gaining attention on social media. The clip has received 12.3 million views and nearly two million likes. However, some mind workers weren’t impressed with Hover’s solution. Hover was accompanied by his two children and a laptop when he discovered that his luggage was too small. Once he got on the plane, the flight attendant gave him a packet of Haribo gummy bears and peanut M&Ms. The flight attendant even apologized for the incident at the gate.

While Spirit Airlines allows one free personal item, its baggage fees vary depending on the flight. A $9 Fare Club membership or an early booking can reduce the cost. It’s also worth taking advantage of the free travel credit card offered by Spirit Airlines.

Shaun Hover’s board snapped in half with a stomp

It’s no secret that Shaun Hover, a skateboard pro, has been trolling Spirit Airlines for a while now. In the past, he snapped his board in half with a stomp while on board the airline. Now, he’s doing it twice in one week. In an Instagram video, he shares his experiences, which have gotten over 15 million views.

The skateboard he was trying to take on a Spirit Airlines flight was too long for the small luggage boxes, so the airline told Shaun Hover that he’d have to pay an $89 luggage fee if he wanted to bring it on the plane. After being told that the board wouldn’t fit in the box, Shaun Hover tried to stomp on it to break it in two pieces.

The skateboard was a streetboard for an adult, so it didn’t fit in the standard size for a carry-on bag. However, Spirit employees do have discretion to let people bring skateboards on board.

While Hover’s board has some serious problems, his story is not unique to the industry. Many skateboarders and pros don’t pay for their own boards, and therefore, have a spare board at home. As such, it’s likely that Hover had a blank board in his home that he had never used.

Shaun Hover’s flight attendant gifts him candy

The flight attendant’s gesture of presenting Mr. Hover with a candy bar in exchange for paying his 89-bucks luggage fee is a viral video that went viral within 24 hours. The clip was posted on the video-sharing app TikTok and has now gained over 15 million views. It has also received a number of positive comments from people.

The flight attendant’s gesture was not received with much amusement by the airline staff. Shaun said he had been told it was not necessary to pay the fee for his luggage, but the flight attendant offered to compensate him with a candy bar. The airline worker told him that he could choose another board for the same price as the carry-on and would keep his wheels and trucks.

Pro skateboarder Shaun Hover, a well-known U.S. skateboarder, had to pay a fee of 89 dollars for his carry-on luggage because it was too large to fit in the airline’s overhead compartments. Despite the astronomical price of a new skateboard deck, the flight attendant apologised and offered Shaun Hover candy instead.

After a lengthy negotiation, the flight attendant finally agreed to waive the fee. The airline has discretionary authority to allow one personal item to fly on the plane, as long as it is smaller than 80cm long.