The Ecrocdog Skateboard and Eric Spock MacLean

The erocdog skateboard is not just any old skateboard. It’s a French bulldog named Eric Spock MacLean that’s skateboarding. He was spotted skating outside the BBC in London, and a Twitter user captured the video on camera. Watching the video, it’s clear that Eric is enjoying his new hobby! In this video, you’ll see Eric careening toward the glass doorway of the BBC building and missing it.

Skate Park Map

Although bulldogs are a common skateboard dog breed, other breeds are also available. However, it is important to remember that a yorkie isn’t meant to pull grown adults on a skateboard. Instead, it is a good idea to consult with a trainer and make sure that your dog is ready to join the fun.

In his first months of life, Eric’s owner took him to skate parks with him and carried him in a harness. Often, she would pop Eric down, while skating. In the beginning, Eric’s owner attempted to discourage him from the activity. The dog’s owners wanted to get him used to the environment and learn how to hang out quietly while skateboarding.

How to Train Your Bulldog to Ride a Dog Skateboard

Dogs skateboarding has become a popular topic on websites and television shows. Many of the stories have been turned into human interest stories. Bulldogs are especially good skateboarders due to their low centre of gravity and wide body. If your dog is looking for a new hobby, consider getting them a skateboard!

Dogs have a strong prey drive, so they love to manipulate objects with their paws and mouth. As such, they’ll often try to pick up and flip things. A dog skateboard is an excellent way to curb your bulldog’s desire to chase humans, while teaching them to love skateboarding.

When training your dog to ride a skateboard, start small and slow. You can practice on a soft surface or a stationary board first. Make sure your dog is calm and happy as you train them. Once they start getting the hang of it, reward them for riding and pushing. Make sure to praise them frequently for good behavior!

Bulldogs and other large breeds are great skateboarders. Bulldogs’ low center of gravity makes them ideal skateboarders.

erocdog skateboard

Eric Dawson is sponsored by Three Amigos skate shop. The shop designed a custom ride for Eric without grip tape. Three Amigos – Blue Shadows

This prevents him from ripping his nails while picking up the board. Eric also struggles with turning left, but the skate shop adjusted the trucks to fit his style.

Now, the next step is to teach him to wait his turn on a bowl.